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Resolve today that relationships — ie,

Resolve today that relationships — ie, friendships, change and when one does not uplift or work for you anymore, let it go. Do not try to salvage it. The life in it has expired or you may now have grown to the place where you are able to see what was never nurturing. Cry your tears or whatever you need to do but move on

Maya Angelou: Visionary Videos: NVLP: African American History

Maya Angelou: Visionary Videos: NVLP: African American History.

Praise supernaturally stills the hand of the enemy and the avenger

The Good Thing About Affliction – Holy Week Observance

How can anyone say “It is good that I have been afflicted” (Psalms 119:67) but that is exactly what David said. I remember years ago hearing one of my wonderful mentors quoting that Scripture. I thought “How can she say something like that?” “I am not glad about affliction.” Still in my early 30’s a in the era of “positive confession”, it seemed like such a negative statement, sure to open the door to trouble.
You see then I considered that passage from a spiritual child’s perspective. I had been blessed to be shielded from affliction because I had Godly coverings at home, in my community and at church. My spiritual parents and caregivers bore the weight of my affliction in my early spiritual development. They interceded for me, so I did not have to feel the pain, while I grew. They protected me from as much as they could with their encouragement and prayers. As a result, my early Christian walk went pretty well. I thought it was just the way life would go. Now, I have come to understand, the prayers of the righteous people were holding back the will of the enemy from my life. Then, the day came when I had to grow up to a place in my spiritual walk where they were no longer able to take the blunt of the blow. One by one, these blessed spiritual and natural protectors went home to be with the Lord to rest from their years of labor. Oh, how life seemed to change.
You too may have experienced this, a time when you felt left all alone to face the trials. As result, we become responsible to face our own spiritual challenges as spiritual adults. We are then accountable to grow up in Him in all things. We must work out our own salvation with fear and trembling. We are positioned to know Him in His Sufferings and the Power of His Resurrection.
Now, I consider the passage, “It is good that I have been afflicted” ( Psalms 119:67), as an experienced spiritual adult, hearing it ring out in my heart during a time of disappointment and affliction. There are no more mentors or spiritual giants to intervene yet I have to come to the same resolve that David did. “It is good for me that I have been afflicted that I may learn Your statues.” The Apostle Paul, perhaps, David’s New Testament counterpart, said it like this in Phil 3:10 “That I may know Him and the power of His resurrection and the fellowship of His sufferings…”

The key word here is “Know” — know Him. Know is defined in the Greek as “ginosko”. This knowing him in “truth by personal experience” according to the Spirit-Filled Life Bible. As a spiritual leader in particular, we have to “know”. Daddy chided me once when I was talking to him about the result of his faith in believing for his quick release from his first ever hospital stay. He corrected me firmly, telling me that you must “know” that God is faithful to deliver rather than simply believing. I heard and respected him so I said no more. I still did not really understand until now being older with experience in mine own afflictions. Comparatively speaking, a mere child, I could not fully comprehend what He had come to know in his 70+ years at the time. Now, after he and many of my other great spiritual mentors have departed this earth for glory, I too understand that I can learn from and through affliction. Good Friday and the upcoming celebration of the Resurrection of our Lord are at hand.
So in this Holy Week series, each day I will share with you what I now know and learned in the Divine classroom of affliction. I hope you will share it with others on Facebook, Twitter, Linked, Google+ and everywhere. I pray others will be encouraged to also learn God’s statues as they walk through the fire and the water.

When opportunity knocks, open the door!

When opportunity knocks, open the door! Run an agile business. Learn more at the Called2Business Virtual Global Conference May 23 to May 26th.

Building A Business Is a Fluid Process.

Building A Business Is a Fluid Process. You have to be committed to growing personally and professionally in order for your business to grow. You prosper as your soul prospers.

Getting and staying organized is key to

Getting and staying organized is key to your business success. It is never a waste of time. Use the weeks to Power OrganizIng(TM) …check my upcoming blogs on PowerOrganize4Success

InspirRadio 5 Day 2014 QuickStart – Day Five

Roberta Fauntroy  


5 Day 2014 QuickStart 

Day Five

Happy New Year.  You made it to Day Five !!

InspirRadio 5 Day 2014 QuickStart Program Overview

Day One: Reflect (Example: 12-28-2013)

Day Two: Revision(Example: 12-29-2013)

Day Three: ReWrite (Example: 12-30-2013)

Day Four: Ready Yourself (Example: 12-31-2013)

Day Five: Relax (Example: 1-1-2014)


Day Five:  Relax

You did it!  You finish 2013 and entered in 2014.  It is going to be an exciting and prospering year.  So today you get to RELAX.  Hopefully, you slept in this morning and then started with a great cup of tea.  Find time to do something interesting and restful to recharge your batteries before the word gets back to work next week:

Choose an area. Here are some suggestions.

  • Spiritual  — Pray 3 times today for 15 minutes sharing your heart with the Lord Jesus.
  • Social — Hang out in Starbucks or a bookstore and meet 2 new people
  • Family — Play a board game like Scrabble
  • Health — Go for a bike ride or nice walk

Enjoy a hobby and then write out your top 5 personal goals for 2014.

Don’t forget to tune into InspirRadio on this coming Saturday at 9:30 AM EST.  Thanks for participating in this challenge.


1. What will you do for fun today?

2. Who will you hang out with for relaxation?

3. What will be focus of your time with the Lord today?

4. How many power naps can you fit in today?

5.  What are your top 5 personal goals for 2014?

Share them with RobertaInspires

MLK Day 2014: Start a Year of Citizen Action

MLK Day 2014: Start a Year of Citizen Action


by The White House

This article by Wendy Spencer and Jonathan Greenblatt originally appeared on The White House Blogon Jan. 17, 2013.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. dedicated his life to improving the world in which he lived—and challenged the rest of us to do the same. He not only championed the equal rights but also equal access to economic opportunity for all Americans. This year’s Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service will honor his legacy as hundreds of thousands of Americans pay tribute by serving their communities on Monday, Jan. 20.

In honor of Martin Luther King Day, President Barack Obama serves lunch in the dining room at So Others Might Eat, a soup kitchen in Washington, DC, Jan. 18, 2010. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)



We know there is a great deal we can do to help our cities and neighborhoods thrive, and as President Obama said last week, “the American people … are ready and willing to pitch in and help.” MLK Day exemplifies this spirit as individuals and families around the country come together on this day every year to strengthen their communities through service and volunteering. Through their deeds, they demonstrate that service can accelerate progress on our most pressing priorities.

To encourage more Americans to serve and use them more effectively, the Federal government already manages programs such as AmeriCorps, Peace Corps, and Senior Corps. Yet we can still do more to help communities that need our help. For this reason, the President created the Task Force on Expanding National Service last summer. The Task Force focuses on helping more Americans find ways to serve through new interagency partnerships such as FEMA Corps and public-private partnerships such as the 21st Century Conservation Service Corps.

And we hope you’ll get out this Monday to volunteer. You can find projects in your area by visitingServe.gov or following #MLKDayofService on Twitter.

Please join us in making MLK Day the start of a “year of action.”

Wendy Spencer is CEO of the Corporation for National and Community Service and co-chair of the Task Force on Expanding National Service. Jonathan Greenblatt is Special Assistant to the President and Director of the Office of Social Innovation and Civic Participation in the Domestic Policy Council. 


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