Modern Day Hero of Faith Segment…Remember It Is All For Jesus Christ….

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I am starting something new, a new segment on InspirRadio & here on this blog – RobertaInspires.  The objective is show you that God uses ordinary people just like you to do massive things for Him.  You just have to know that & allow Him to work through you.  Sometimes you will have to feel the fear, hear the doubts & ignore the scoffers (who are really scared to try themselves) who try to hold you back so they do not look bad

This Week’s Modern Day Hero of Faith:  Dr. Bill Bright — Campus Crusade For Christ.

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One of my heroes of faith… Bill Bright! He was still writing a book on his homegoing bed at 81. Dennis Rainey finished it. I want to encourage all my FB buddies who are Christian speakers, authors & coaches, to remember that only what you do for Christ will last. It is quite popular today to make “a name” for yourself by touting your wonderful & limitless capabilities in order to get rich, quick and easy.   Note that if you make sure you focus on fulfilling the mission of Christ, He will make your name great & bring you before great men. He will prosper you because you seek His abundance to do Kingdom business not just for your own gain or fame. He will empower you to do that which He called you to do.   It is so easy to be led astray even by those who wear the Christian label. Stay true to the cause of Christ & He will position you for His Purpose in the earth. Your name will be great for ages to come because you were devoted to furthering His name & not just your own. You will do great things for Him & through Him. You were called to the Kingdom for such a time as this.

Listen and hear Dr. Bill Bright

Live an Inspir’d Week Fulfilling Your Purpose